June 2004

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As I needed a library to read/write ID3 tags in a C# program, I had to write bindings to Scott Wheeler’s TagLib yesterday. You might want to download the source code. Since directly accessing C++ classes is not possible from .NET, and the only C++ to .NET bytecode compiler I am aware of is Microsoft’s (which I don’t have), I currently only wrapped the C bindings of taglib. They are not as powerful as the C++ classes, but at least the most important functionallity is there. I have not really tested the C# bindings yet (especially the setters), but they should work…


Die Sommerferien beginnen (zumindest für Schüler undLehrer) und die privaten Homepages schießen wieder wie Schwammerl ausdem Boden. Obwohl ich nicht mehr in die Schule gehe und auch noch nichtstudieren kann – Zivildienst – möchte ich da keine Ausnahme machen.Wohl aber bei der Lebensdauer und dem Inhalt dieser Website.

Welcome to my first (well, the first noteworthy) personal website. I will useboth Englisch and German on these pages. German for more personal textsand those that will only be interesting to German-speaking readers, andEnglish for everything else, especially for more technical texts. Thissite will (hopefully) experience an dynamic growth. I won’t put big"under construction" signs anywhere on these pages, as they areconstantly under construction. Don’t be repelled by the horrible designof the webpages, it will improve like everything else. Btw, itcurrently looks best in Mozilla-derived browsers;because I use the nonstandard CSS property "-moz-border-radius".Also please don’t be repelled by my English. It is not my nativelanguage, but again I am trying to do my best.