March 2005

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F-Spot is now running too! Just had install a newer release of gtk-sharp (1.0.6) and everything worked fine is very useable, even in this early stage of development: It impresses a very intuitive and well thought-out interface and speed, even though my fotos are located on a different computer and shared with shfs. With local photos it must be blazingly fast. One feature I particulary like is storing multiple versions of a photo, so that one can select which one to view by default. Many details and features have yet to be implemented, but I definetly recomed trying it out (Gentoo ebuild is here). You can also watch it in action on the video I linked in my last post.

Even though f-spot (and similar programms like Picasa) are doing a great job nowadays, I have not yet been able to solve my fundamental problem with digital photo archivating: Everybody in my family should be able to see all (well, almost all) pictures (over the lan) with all metadata (comments, location, event, order) and then edit this metadata and commit edits back to the central store.

The current holidays allowed me to mess around with my computer a bit. First I finally got the ati-drivers to let the graphic card do OpenGl rendering, instead of the CPU which it obviously preferred. One just hast to follow the docs closely – and not loosly like I did. Shame on ATI: You cannnot both enable the composite extension for X (and thus enabling transparency and other cool effects) without disabling hardware rendering. So no transparency for my windows right now.

After getting OpenGl to work I was able to test Luminocity. Very cool :-) But not very useable. Still makes me looking forward for things to come when hardware acceleration is more widely used by X servers and/or window managers. Here is a howto for installing Luminocity in ones home directory (it is for Gentoo, but should work for other distros with minor adaptions).

And while I was installing cutting edge software, I thought why not to try some new mono apps? F-Spot didn’t work (probably a bug in the gtk-sharp 1.9.something beta release I have currently installed), so I tried to build beagle. With latexer-portage-overlays (bumped to beagle ebuild to, and a howto from Gentoo Forums everything worked flawlessly and beagle is currently indexing my files and mails. Maybe it is really ready for everyday use.

Want to see demos of all this new software? Nat Friedman and Miguel de Icaza present the programs mentioned (and Mono/SWF and tomboy) at Novell’s brainshare keynote.

Just found these recorded lectures by the "Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften". Very nicely done. And in contrast to Knuth’s lectures at Stanford University at does not require Windows Media Player (this one requires Macromedia Flash, which is at least a bit more cross-platform).

Some extensions, which make websurfing a lot nicer. I’m mostly posting this here for my own use and quick reference.

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