April 2005

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I decided to to what everybody else seems to do nowadays: I created a flickr account. The link to it is on the top of the page and here. I’m currently uploading some old photos mainly taken by me (some are from my parents, like the ones from Morocco). I wont upload a lot of photos for the time being. Maybe I’ll buy a pro account if I like it enough and then you’ll see more pictures. For now, I’ll just upload the better one I’m shooting currently and some of my favourites ofthe past.

Oh, and I seem to have won a DeviantArt Subscription for a week or so. And I haven’t even posted anything there and just created the account because of the deviantWatch feature. Won’t bring me to buy a subscription for a longer time though. I’d rather spend that money for a last.fm subscription.

Nothing important today, just discovered another useful piece of software: Synergy. Synergy allows you to easily share your mouse and keyboard between computers. E.g. you can connect your desktop and notebook and when you move the mouse out to the right side of the desktop’s monitor it starts to control the curser on the notebook and vice versa. This is especially interesting when you run Windows on one computer and Linux on the other one, so that you can e.g. test websites in multiple browsers, or it can be used to create a cheap multi-screen environment with your notebook.

On other news: I wrote a small Q&A on LaTeX at the TU Mathematiker Forum (in German).