May 2005

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I uploaded some pictures from the ÖMO (Austrian Mathematical Olypmiad) and IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad) 2003. I know, it is already 2005, but better late than never.

Some of these pictures were already available at

While the rain here all day long may be a bit depressing (especially, when you have to rely on public transport), it has also its beautiful side – especially from the right side of the window. Nevertheless, I did stick my nose out of the window and took these pictures. (also on flickr)

While waiting for the sun’s comeback, you could also watch these videos by the Clay Mathematics Institute. Even Non-Mathematicians might want to see this one on the Importance of Mathematics and ongoing Math students should definately hear this talk by Andrew Wiles.

Uploaded some more photos from the trip to Egypt in February to the photo gallery.

As my webhost recently doubled my the disksize I’m allowed to use (without charging more :-) ), I decided to finally create a gallery of photos by me in addition to the photos I upload to my flickr account. At the moment the only pictures available online are the ones I took yesterday while sitting around at Vienna’s Karlsplatz and waiting for an appointment with a prof at university.

Scultpure at Karlsplatz

Got a new Canon EOS 350D yesterday. Now I’m only waiting for better weather to take it on a tour. As far as I have tested it yet it seems very promising, especially with the two new lenses I also got (before that we had only lenses for an old Minolta without aoutofocus, which were of course incompatible with any modern camera): A Sigma 18-50 F2.8 EX DC and a Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM, especially the latter seems to be really worth the money (but as I said before, I wasn’t able to really test it yet).

Even with the danger of only producing a higher ranking for it on google, I just have to post a link to Algebrator. It gave me (as a math student) a good laugh. The thing is supposed to be a "cutting edge program", that solves "any problem from your algebra textbook", "if you are an algebra student struggling with your homework". Don’t believe me? Read the "special promotion" page (notice the "linear equation" in the last screenshot!) and how it compares to other CAS. Why buy Mathematica or Maple, when you can get Algebrator for only $67? Very entertaining stuff!