July 2005

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A friend asked my for the link, so here it is: How to destroy the Earth.

I’m back at home. Picture will be gradually uploaded to flickr, as I sort, delete, crop and retouch them (of course, the ones I delete won’t be uploaded). I now have a flickr pro acount, so putting a lot of pictures there is no problem, as opposed to here, where I have a 500MB limit. Having to wade though more than 900 pictures, this process will take some time…

In the last weeks the Austrian teams at the ÖPMW (Austrian-Polish Mathemartical Competition) an IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad) did remarkable well. Congratualtions!

The first batch of exams is over, and I’m leaving for Greece tomorrow morning :-)

I went to see the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy yesterday and can only recommend the movie to anyone, regardless whether they had already read the books (or listened to the radio drama) or not. It is probably the only film version of a book, that is good just because it did not follow the book too strictly.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead.

What I missed in the movie: Two of my favorite scenes of the radio show: The politician giving a speech when they start to build the bypass ("the verry splendid and worthwhile") and the proof of the nonexistance of god ("q. e. d., says man. – You are right, says god and vanished in a puff of logic"). Also missing are the "scientific" explanations about the universe (area, imports, life forms, etc.) and the creation of the infinite improbability drive (though they do include the uses of the finite probability generator). There were about two sentences left out at the book entry during the credits (Careless speach costs lives,…). Also there was no explanation who let them board the Vogon ship.

What I did not like: The ending is a bit too much a Hollywood style happy ending. Of course there wouldn’t have been the time to do the whole ending of the radio series (restaurant at the end of the universe – black ship – arc fleet to earth).

What I liked: Most of everything else. The new story elements. The "gun". That they used the original recording from the radio drama at at least two places (the soundtrack for the book at the beginning and the inner monologue of the whale).