April 2006

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Two Seasons

Two Seasons

I just have to link to these Power Point[1] presentations by Gilad Benari. So many adorable photographs! He is one of my favorite artists at DeviantArt.

[1] unfortunately, but there is probably no better way for doing things like this.


So many of them…


And here are even more. And I have some more on my computer. Today was a great day for taking pictures, but now I have to postprocess them and decide which ones to keep. Deleting pictures no work that I like to do… Clicking on "Vom Laufwerk löschen" is such a hard decision.

Hier sind ein paar Fotos aus Neustift und Umgebung.

Falls es irgendwen interessiert, ich habe unsere Präsentation als pdf hochgeladen (Warnung: 3Mb).

Fotos wird es später noch geben.

Yellow (framed)

Yesterday I finally saw Koyaanisqatsi. Having had the soundtrack for quite some time now and having already seen the sequel Powaqqatsi some years ago I did have very high expactations for the film. And it did absolutely fullfill them.

If you do not know Koyaanisqatsi (or its sequels), I highly recommend them. They are very unusual films having no dialogs or even actors at all. Just powerful imagery and music (composed by Philip Glass). "Koyaanisqatsi" is a Hopi word meaning something like "life out of balance" and the film portraits this (our current) life. On the one hand it is about technological achievements, on the other hand it is about the monstrosity of our use of technology. It describes the "beauty of the biest", as Godfrey Reggio, the director of the film, puts it. But even without thinking about deeper meanings Koyannisqatsi is a highly artistic work on one of the best uses of the medium I have seen. The removal of all "foreground" activity from normal movies (i.e. the plot and audible language) and the extensive usage of slow motion and time lapse create a whole new view on life — to explore it is then up to the viewer.