May 2006

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Das hier wird immer mehr zu einem Photoblog :)


Can you hear the grass growing?
In full size.

I sometimes wish I had a macro lens… But good macros cost so much! So the 70-200mm has to be good enough for now.

The image actually looks better when viewed large, because then the bee is more detailed (if not entirely sharp).

This site is now running with Wordress. Unfortunately I had to break all links, so please update any bookymarks/feeds.

There is also a slight change in design (the text is now 100 pixel wider). Please contact me, if the design is not working at your browser (and you do not use Netscape older than version 6 oder Internet Explorer before version 5.0).


Noch einmal vielen Dank für das Geburtstagsgeschenk. Das Konzert war großartig!