June 2006

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Nothing really noteworthy to write about, but some days ago I finally got a decent headset (a Sennheiser PC 150) an got sound recording working in both Windows and Linux, which was harder than I thought it would be. Especially the Windows part, because I tried to install a wrong driver at first — in Linux both variants are the same kernel module so it took quite some time until I realized that I this driver will never work beacuse it is for the wrong hardware… So it is now possible to contact me via sip (sip:caramdir@ekiga.net) or Skype (caramdir). I do not have these programms running all the time, but e.g. for discussing math problems they are probably a lot cheaper than mobile phones. Btw, I should have a new phone now, if T-Mobile had not for no apparent reason decided to cancel my order without contacting me (they say, that they did contact me, but I never got the mail).