July 2006

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Nach einigen Problemen hab ich jetzt mit ca. einem Monat Versp├Ątung endlich ein neues Handy. Ich hab E-Mail mit der Nummer verschickt, wenn ich aber jemanden vergessen haben sollte: Auf dieser Seite die alte Nummer angeben, dann bekommst Du die neue: /contact.php.

I do not know why, but I like this one :)

50mm @ f1.4

You’d think I have already learned my lessons. But no! Some time ago I switch from storing all contact information directly in the evolution adress book (which was periodically backed up to my server) to a storing it in an LDAP Server (OpenLdap) on said server so that I could use it from every computer and OS that has access to the internet. With a RAID mirror in palce, I thought that that backing up the LDAP store was not really necessary – if one of the disks failed I would still have the other one with my data on it.

Now some days ago a valve in the water heater in our house failed an produced a short circut. No big deal in the end – it was fixed the next day and everything is working fine again (except the heating, but currently I’d rather need air contitioning). Of course the fuse switch off power supply, so the server crashed. And today I wanted to write an email and found that only nine contacts were left in the database. The whole rest was gone! So much for using RAID. It wont protect you from software failures!

Luckily google rescued me. And it even worked after the LDAP server had already run for several days. Probably because I did not change any data.

Incidents like this, show how dependent I have become of computers. Some time ago I would have kept a hand-written note book with that information.

Larger version.

Standing in the midst of a field of sunflowers in full bloom in a very yellow expierience ;-)

More sunflower photos (the first six are from last year)

… that I love raspberries?