May 2007

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I just made my first few experiments with PovRay. While the syntax is surprisingly accessible, PovRay’s use of a left-handed coordinate system was rather strange to me. In mathematics it is common to use a right-handed system and at least in Austria it is also used in other disciplines. So one of the first things I wanted to do, was telling PovRay to use my standard coordinate system and with the help of the excellent documentation came up with the following:

camera {
location <2,2,2>
up <0,1,0>
right <-1.33,0,0>
look_at <0,0,0>
sky <0,0,1>

The factors in up and right have of course to be set according to ratio of the resulting image. The “-” in right makes the coordinate system right handed and the “<0,0,1>” sky-vector makes the z-coordinate pointing upwards.

So now I can use a “decent” (meaning the one I am accustomed to) coordinate system! :)

Vielleicht hilft es ja auch jemand anderem bei den Visualisierungs-Aufgaben.

Was sich so alles im Internet findet… Aber das Argument ist nicht unschl├╝ssig :)